Wednesday, 6 December 2017

IWSG - December, the cold and unforgiving month...

Another month gone, another time to share with alexjcavanaugh, and the other members of the group. December is often a cold and unforgiving time, especially if you are elderly, live in the UK, and have a very small pension. Although I care for a disabled husband, we are blessed with a warm, comfortable home, but I think of those in our country who struggle to 'make ends meet' as we say, especially at Christmas time, So if you are thinking of contributing to 'Crisis', or other local charities, I am sure that you will. 
We have moved into a warden assisted flat, mainly to be nearer the hospital, and we are pleased that one couple has organised a Christmas meal for the residents, many of whom live alone. As for myself, I keep busy with the second year of the masters degree, and I'm thankful that all the hard work will be finished by next October. Then  I shall be able to return to writing my children's books. 
A Very Happy Christmas 🎄 To You All. 

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