Wednesday, 1 November 2017

IWSG - Writing Nano.

It's that interesting time of the month again, and the question posed on this occasion is probably of interest to many of us. Has something that we have written, for Nano, gone on to be published? I think it was over ten years ago that I wrote Snakeskin and Failed Feathers, a novel that I did complete, after a very haphazard fashion, for this challenge. 
Now I am working for a masters degree in Literature, this is my final year, a large part of the work involves writing a book for the degree, and the book I have chosen to submit is Snakeskin and Failed Feathers. Whether it will be published or not remains to be seen. As a writer of children's fictiion, I have self-published several books of historical fiction, but as Waterstones and W.H.Smith sell my self-published work, I know my present effort will reach the Bookshop shelves. However, although I am listed as a publisher, it would great to be accepted by a 'real' publisher, and, in future, to be able to concentrate upon the writing. Fingers crossed. 

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