Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Writing Volunteers Needed!

Halloween 'Thin Time' - Book Signing - Newport, Shropshire
I've been encouraged to return to blogging, after a two year gap, by the amazing Teresa Heath-Wareing, and it is also a requirement on the MA course I am taking. Now I am looking for people who will help get this new blog of mine under way. Julie Louise Phillips had very kindly agreed to go first, and I do hope there are other people who will join in. As I shall post these 'interviews' here, on twitter, on my website, LinkedIn, Pinterest...etc. it might also be beneficial to you too. The blog is aimed at beginner writers with hopefully help for any one starting out in a career. But I'm also interested in anyone who has gone through the early processes of becoming established as a writer. It will be a question and answer format - how you began, why, what you are doing now... If you would like to help me out, do let me know. Thanks so much.

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