Monday, 24 July 2017

Where are you going to Begin?

Author Carole Anne Carr with customers at a book signing - Blists Hill Heritage Site

There is often the question of where to start if you are thinking of becoming a writer. Shall I write fiction, or non-fiction?  Is a short story easier to write than a novel? If I complete a short story, where shall I send it. How do I know that it is good enough to show anyone? Or shall I just write for myself, not show anyone and hide it in a drawer? Would a Writing Group be a good idea? And why do I want to write at all? Am I anxious to express a story that has been in my head for years? Did I read a book and think, 'I could do much better than yet? Have you decided on the reason for why you want to be a writer? Is it something you must do, or do you have a desire to write a bedtime story for your children? Whatever your reason, I shall be talking about some of the reasons for writing, my struggles to become a writer, how to do about becoming a writer of different genres, and what, if any, are the financial rewards.  

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