Monday, 31 July 2017

Chapter One - River Dark

(the beginning of the next adventure for Joshua and Sam!)

The Emily Grey

A Terrible Enemy

If I’d known I would be hunted down like a criminal, I would have run away from Atterley Hall the moment I heard that horrible screaming, but this was the first day of my new life, and I wasn’t giving up now.

   As the wintery sunlight broke through the early morning mist over the parkland, I took a deep breath, charged through the archway into the stable yard, and had to jump back from the sweating body of a huge, black stallion, rearing up and thrashing the air with his hooves.

With an angry shriek, the horse began a furious dance, swinging his body from side to side and trying to shake off a terrified groom clinging to his lead rope. The small, grizzled-haired man was strongly built with thickset shoulders and huge fists, but he was no match for the angry beast. Pulled off his feet, his boots sliding on wet cobbles, he punched the stallion’s neck, making him wilder than ever. Bellowing with rage, the beast gave a violent twist of his spine, flung the terrified man into the air, and I watched in horror as he landed on the yard with a sickening thud.

Then the stallion trotted towards the groom’s body, about to bring his enormous weight smashing down on his tormentor, and desperate to stop him, I yelled, ‘Thunder, don’t!’

At the sound of my voice, the horse seemed frozen in time. His head was thrust back, his mane rippling with a life of its own. His heavy body hung motionless in the air. He was balanced on his hind legs, the muscles in his haunches rippling under the skin. For one terrified moment, I thought he would topple backwards. But with a tremendous effort, he heaved his body forward, his hooves clattered harmlessly on the yard, and the man scrambled to safety. 

It took a moment for me to realise the stallion was trotting towards me, with a few strides of his long, powerful legs he’d be on top of me, and I feared I’d be trampled. But at the last moment, he sidestepped delicately and came to a bouncing halt, his chest towering above me.

In the sharp morning air, I felt the heat of his silky body. His breath formed white clouds around his muzzle, wetting my face. Then with a swift movement, he dipped his head in a playful manner, stared at me with huge, liquid eyes, and nipped me on the shoulder. He had not forgotten me!

A day in the life of Carer and Author Carole Anne Carr!

So much to do, the sun is beckoning, but it will have to wait! I'm on the last forty pages, editing my latest Ironbridge Gorge adventure 'River Dark'. With husband's illnesses, this has taken far longer than expected. Enjoying returning to blogging, so best to make a list for today:
  1. Stop blogging and sort out the day.
  2. Make sure husband is safe and worry whilst he ventures out on his mobility scooter.
  3. Edit River Dark. 
  4. Prepare first post - interviews with authors. 
  5. Phone opticians.
  6. Write in rusty German to friend and post email. 
  7. Sort out bills.
  8. Laundry
  9. Add beginning of River Dark to social media
  10. Get on with it, it will soon be Christmas. Arghh!!!

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Interviews with Authors in August

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Julie on retreat with Wrekin Writers 
During August, I shall be adding interviews with a variety of authors who are at various stages of their careers, some specializing in fiction and some whose strength lies is the field of non-fiction. So do come along and support them and ask questions, and if you would like be to included, just let me know. There will be something of interest and something you can learn from their varied experiences. The first of these authors, Julie Louise Phillips Freelance Writer is a much loved writer, followed by many people on Facebook. 

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Writing Volunteers Needed!

Halloween 'Thin Time' - Book Signing - Newport, Shropshire
I've been encouraged to return to blogging, after a two year gap, by the amazing Teresa Heath-Wareing, and it is also a requirement on the MA course I am taking. Now I am looking for people who will help get this new blog of mine under way. Julie Louise Phillips had very kindly agreed to go first, and I do hope there are other people who will join in. As I shall post these 'interviews' here, on twitter, on my website, LinkedIn, Pinterest...etc. it might also be beneficial to you too. The blog is aimed at beginner writers with hopefully help for any one starting out in a career. But I'm also interested in anyone who has gone through the early processes of becoming established as a writer. It will be a question and answer format - how you began, why, what you are doing now... If you would like to help me out, do let me know. Thanks so much.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Where are you going to Begin?

Author Carole Anne Carr with customers at a book signing - Blists Hill Heritage Site

There is often the question of where to start if you are thinking of becoming a writer. Shall I write fiction, or non-fiction?  Is a short story easier to write than a novel? If I complete a short story, where shall I send it. How do I know that it is good enough to show anyone? Or shall I just write for myself, not show anyone and hide it in a drawer? Would a Writing Group be a good idea? And why do I want to write at all? Am I anxious to express a story that has been in my head for years? Did I read a book and think, 'I could do much better than yet? Have you decided on the reason for why you want to be a writer? Is it something you must do, or do you have a desire to write a bedtime story for your children? Whatever your reason, I shall be talking about some of the reasons for writing, my struggles to become a writer, how to do about becoming a writer of different genres, and what, if any, are the financial rewards.  

A Commonplace Book Anyone? This is something I’ve been meaning to begin for sometime, but deciding what to include, so that it would be us...